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A Jeb Bush Presidency Would Be Disastrous for Voting Rights

Apr 21, 2015

While Oregon has Expanded Voting Rights, Jeb Bush has Pushed for Restrictions on the Right to Vote


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PORTLAND, Oregon (April 21, 2015) – 

Last month, Gov. Kate Brown signed an historic piece of legislation into law, creating an automatic voter registration system that will bring up to 300,000 new voters into the electoral process and expand access to voting.

Quite the contrast to Jeb Bush, who visits Oregon tonight on a fundraising swing. Jeb’s policy has been to make voting harder, not easier. In fact, Jeb Bush has pushed for states and even the federal government to create new requirements for and hurdles to voting – even after the courts ruled one of these voter identification laws unconstitutional.

“As Democrats, we believe that when more Americans participate in our democracy, it results in policies that work for everyone,” said Frank Dixon, Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon. “Oregonians should be wary of Jeb Bush, who is lobbying to make voting harder, and who has pushed for restrictive photo identification laws that are designed to keep minorities, young people, and seniors from voting. Americans deserve a president who wants more – not less – participation in our democracy.”

Jeb Bush: Congress Can And Should Authorize States To Create Voter ID Requirements Like Arizona’s. “The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit struck down Arizona’s voter ID law on the grounds that states may not add requirements to federal voting laws. The U.S. Supreme Court granted review in that case and likely will issue a ruling around the time this book goes to print. Regardless of the outcome, Congress can and should authorize states to create such identification requirements.” [Jeb Bush, Immigration Wars, 3/5/13]