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Dennis Richardson: Oracle’s #1 Defender

Aug 22, 2014


Contact: Jamal Raad / jamal [at] dpo [dot] org / (503) 239-8631

PORTLAND, Oregon (August 22, 2014) – 

Oregon AG Rosenblum: “Oracle repeatedly lied and defrauded the state.”
Dennis Richardson: “The truth is that it wasn’t Oracle’s fault…”

After a lengthy investigation, Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum today sued Oracle America, Inc., and a number of its high-level executives, for defrauding Oregonians in connection with Oracle's failure to provide a timely and functional health exchange website.

Representative Dennis Richardson’s own words reveal he is Oracle’s number one defender.

AG: Oracle lied to the State about the “Oracle Solution.” Oracle lied when it said the “Oracle Solution” could meet both of the State’s needs with Oracle products that worked “out-of-the-box.” Oracle lied when it said its products were “flexible,” “integrated,” worked “easily” with other programs, required little customization and could be set up quickly. Oracle lied with it claimed it had “the most comprehensive and secure solution with regards to the total functionality necessary for Oregon.”

Rep. Richardson: “The truth is that it wasn’t Oracle’s fault…” – Richardson newsletter, May 30, 2014
AG: According to a former Oracle employee, Oracle advanced a “planned…behind-the-scenes effort” to convince the State “that a Systems Integrator would just cause…delay.” The former employee explained that “the message was we’ve got to make sure that [the State] doesn’t bring [a Systems Integrator] in because it’s…just going to cause us trouble.”
Rep. Richardson: “This is all political drama…[The lawsuit] is about politics and not about what’s best for the state and its citizens.” Statesman Journal, May 29, 2014
AG: According to a former Oracle employee, “There was no solution.” The cobbled together collection of products that Oracle called the “Oracle Solution” was not flexible, was not integrated, and most importantly, did not work “out-of-the-box.” Oracle’s 2010 and 2011 claims to DHS and OHA were patently and categorically false.
Rep. Richardson: “Governor Kitzhaber focused on Oracle’s failure and deflected questions regarding accountability and oversight.” Richard campaign release, May 29, 2014
AG: Not only were Oracle’s claims lies, Oracle’s work was abysmal. One developer experienced in Oracle products called Oracle’s programming “atrocious.” He added that “they broke every single best practice that Oracle themselves have defined. It is one of the worst assessments I have performed * * *.”

Rep. Richardson: “The fact is, trading blame doesn’t solve the problem…” – Portland Tribune, May 29, 2014

AG: According to an independent quality assessment conducted in October 2013, Oracle’s “processes do not meet industry standards. Impact analysis, code review, coding standards and proper parallel development techniques are ad hoc and inconsistently applied or understood.” Another assessment stated simply that “Oracle’s performance is clearly lacking.” A former Oracle employee was more direct saying Oracle’s products were seemingly configured “by a kindergartner.”

Rep. Richardson: “The governor’s impassioned accusation of Oracle is all hat and no cattle,” – Portland Business Journal, June 2, 2014
To read the Attorney General’s release and full complaint, click here.