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Democratic Party of Oregon Opposes Measure 90

Aug 19, 2014

Radical Top-Two Primary Wrong for Oregon


Contact: Andrew Gorry / andrew [at] dpo [dot] org / (503) 239-8634

PORTLAND, Oregon (August 19, 2014) – 

Today the Democratic Party of Oregon announced its formal opposition to Measure 90, the radical “Top-Two” Primary initiative on the November ballot. 

“Measure 90, the radical top-two primary proposal, is complex, confusing, a magnet for political mischief and may double the cost of Oregon elections. 66% of Oregon voters rejected it in 2008—it was a bad idea then, and it’s a bad idea today," said Frank Dixon, Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon.

“Top-two promoters make big promises about increasing voter participation, but both California and Washington switched to top-two primaries and voter turnout dropped.  Oregon’s primary system beats voter turnout in top-two states—why would we copy California or Washington when Oregon primaries get better results? Yet another reason to Vote No on Measure 90. 

“What's worse, Measure 90 cuts voter choices—because of top-two primaries California has 19 races and Washington has 10 legislative races where voters will only see candidates from one party on the fall ballot—and that’s just wrong. The strength of our democracy depends on open debate and increased choices among differing views—Measure 90 reduces voter choices and that’s just wrong for Oregon."
The Democratic Party of Oregon will work with the Protect Our Vote coalition and other opponents of Measure 90, including the Oregon Republican Party Executive Committee, Pacific Green Party, Oregon Progressive Party, Oregon State Fire Fighters Council, and Oregon Education Association. A growing list of opponents can be found at