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New Republican Super PAC comes to Oregon for Monica Wehby

Apr 28, 2014

“She’s on our side, not Washington’s,” says Washington area Super PAC


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PORTLAND, Oregon (April 28, 2014) – 

Today, it was revealed another Super PAC is propping up Republican Monica Wehby’s campaign for U.S. Senate.  The Super PAC, named “NewRepublican.Org,” has launched over $100,000 in ads into the Oregon airwaves supporting candidate for U.S. Senate Monica Wehby.

NewRepublican.Org” is a rebranding effort by D.C. GOP establishment due to their failure to connect to women or minority voters.
Wehby now has two Super PACs supporting her campaign including one run by timber baron Andrew Miller, who according to news reports is romantically linked to Wehby, and Nevada millionaire Loren Parks, who has a history of making demeaning and offensive remarks about women.
“No wonder Monica Wehby thinks campaign finance laws are too strict. She is benefiting from unlimited big special interest money flooding in to help her campaign from two Super PACs,” DPO Chair Frank Dixon said. “Newsflash to Monica Wehby, and the rest of the D.C. GOP establishment: if you want to appeal to women voters and rebrand your party, support women on issues like equal pay, raising the minimum wage, and funding programs supporting women’s health, don't compare high heels to work boots in television ads.”
On Saturday, Wehby appeared on KGW’s straight talk, where she said that even after Citizens United, which allows unlimited, secret Super PAC spending, campaign finance laws are already "very strict."
Q: Do you agree with the Supreme Court decision that says that there should not be a limit on campaign contributions, that that is unconstitutional, or do you think that we need to do more to limit the role of big money in campaign?

WEHBY: Well as you know there’s (sic) very strict rules at this point. You can only get 2600 dollars per donor per race at this point in a federal race, as opposed to the state races where it’s unlimited how much money someone can donate to, say, a candidate for governor or for a candidate in a race in Oregon. So there are very strict rules with federal…

Q: Do you think that’s enough?

WEHBY: Well, you know, I think we have to allow there to be a level playing field, and the, this all has to do with our first amendment rights of free speech.

According to news reports, the two major funders to the other Super PAC supporting Wehby are Lauren Parks and Andrew Miller, a millionaire timber baron who is romantically linked to Monica Wehby. Communication between the Super PAC and the campaign would be illegal, but Miller claims he and Wehby are not communicating about the campaign in their personal relationship. On Friday, the Washington Examiner reported that Loren Parks has advocated using a “buzzer” to cure “sex guilt” and other “women’s sex problems,” as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. On Friday, the Democratic Party of Oregon called on Wehby to condemn Parks and his Super PAC.