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Education, Jobs are House Democrats’ Priorities for 2013

Sep 13, 2012

Parent, schoolchild, small businesswoman join Democratic leaders to announce action plan


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SALEM, OREGON (September 13, 2012) – 

Hillsboro parent and PTA volunteer Nina Carlson, her sixth grade son Bjorn, and Evann Remington, a small businesswoman from Salem, joined Rep. Tina Kotek (D-Portland), House Democratic Leader and Rep. Michael Dembrow (D-Portland), Assistant Democratic Leader, to discuss priorities for the 2013 Legislative Session. 

The plan, titled “Leading with the Right Priorities,” focuses on prioritizing job creation and education, while standing up against special interests.

“The Legislature needs to re-focus on the priorities of Oregonians, to take the steps to support a vibrant economy, create jobs, and invest in our public schools,” said Kotek. “This plan is about ensuring that leaders in Salem prioritize education, job creation, and the values of Oregon families.”

Carlson and Remington traveled to the Capitol to emphasize the real-world importance of public schools, job training, and economic development.

“My sixth grade son goes to school in a district where the school year is eleven days shorter than the national average, where there is an average class size of over thirty students per classroom, and we’ve done fundraisers just for the basics like reading and math teachers.  We even collected bottles and cans to help fund key programs,” said Carlson.  “Our leaders must reinvest in schools, so we can offer the education we know our children need to succeed.”

Remington, the founder and CEO of Fresh n’ Local Foods, a fast growing food production company in Salem, pointed to the need for Oregon to prioritize workforce development and fair contracting so that small businesses can grow, thrive, and put Oregonians to work.

“Small businesses like mine are the future of Oregon’s economy.  It’s critical that we have well-trained workers and a fair crack at contracts so we can compete in the global marketplace,” said Remington.”

Dembrow and Kotek discussed the plan to support small businesses by increasing the development of existing industrial lands and providing access to capital businesses need to expand and create jobs, while investing in roads, bridges, rail, and other transit infrastructure. 

“These aren’t partisan issues,” said Dembrow.  “These are the priorities of parents, students, workers, educators, small businesses, and families across Oregon.    House Democrats will lead with the right priorities. There’s reason for optimism in Oregon.”