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Robinson announces bid for House District 30

Jul 06, 2012

Navy Reserve Commander will run for Oregon Legislature


Contact: David Robinson at 503-278-6872

HILLSBORO, Oregon (July 6, 2012) – 

David Robinson, a Navy Reserve Commander, small business owner and former department director at the City of Hillsboro, announced today that he will seek the Democratic nomination for Oregon House District 30 left vacant by the withdrawal of Adriana Cañas.  Robinson has committed to bring his vast government and Navy experience and his endless energy to fight hard for Oregon’s future.  Robinson has already garnered significant local support for his nomination to this position announcing endorsements by Labor Commission Brad Avakian, Washington County Commissioner Dick Schouten, and former Hillsboro Fire Chief Gary Seidel.

After excelling as a Marine and earning an appointment to the United States Naval Academy, Robinson completed the Naval Academy with a Bachelors of Science degree in Systems Engineering, and later earned a Master of Science degree in Civil (Ocean) Engineering from Oregon State University.  His service in the Navy took him around the world, working with and negotiating with government leaders and individuals in diverse cultures.  “I learned a tremendous deal about people through my experiences in Operation Uphold Democracy and Operation Enduring Freedom, helping people restore their lives after catastrophe struck and helping marginalized communities build for a more promising future.” said Robinson.  Robinson’s assignments have included leading the Navy’s Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation consultations with numerous Native American tribes and serving as Director of Civil-Military Operations for Combined Joint Task Force Horn of Africa, where he directed the US Government’s Humanitarian Assistance program in Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia, Yemen and other countries in the region.

“My wife and I are trying to have children right now and I think of the world that we intend to bring them into and ultimately leave to them.  I think we can provide a better community now and in the future by making strong investments in education and ensuring we maintain a livable community that attracts businesses and good jobs and allow us to raise our families in happiness, safety, and security.  This is why I am running for this Office.”

As the director of facilities and fleets for the City of Hillsboro Robinson led the design and construction of the Hillsboro Intermodal Transit Facility, construction of new fire stations and the installation of the first electric vehicle charging stations in Hillsboro which help the city take a lead in establishing Oregon as a leader in environmentally friendly technologies.

For his last active duty assignment, David returned to the Naval Academy for one of his most important jobs – helping to educate, shape, and mold the youth of our nation to be the next generation civic leaders.  At the academy David taught courses in leadership, naval architecture, ocean engineering and advanced modern history.

“We can no longer afford to have an education system that is ranked near the bottom of the list.”  Robinson states “We must make the investments in our educational systems – elementary, middle, high school, community college, and university – that are required to produce top quality graduates who will lead Oregon in the advanced technologies that will not only provide high-paying jobs, but will allow us as a region to reduce environmental damage and gain energy independence.”

Robinson is currently leading an internet company through the start-up and launch phases.  In addition to his degrees from the Naval Academy and Oregon State University, Robinson has an MBA from Willamette University.

“Having served throughout the world, having served in local government, being a small business owner, and having taught engineering and modern history at the Naval Academy, I bring an understanding of the importance of a strong public education system, an understanding of our local community, and an understanding of how to get things accomplished.”

“I see the constant pressure to disinvest in our communities and schools, and the dogma that tax cuts are the only way to attract businesses and jobs.  Great schools, livable communities, outstanding infrastructure and transportation systems, and an abundance of talent attracted by an environment that encourages entrepreneurial spirit is what grows and strengthens a community.  I’m standing up to those who would squeeze the life out of our community, and I’m standing up for the families in our community.”

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