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DPO Launches Video: “The Real Face of Game Face”

Dec 16, 2011


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Portland, Ore. (December 16, 2011) – 

Portland, Ore. — Today, the Democratic Party of Oregon released a new video that exposes the real business record of congressional candidate Rob Cornilles. Cornilles has run his campaign as a small business job creator, but recent news reports about his sports marketing business, Game Face, show a record full of exaggerations, half-truths and cover-ups.

Cornilles says Game Face is one of the most influential sports marketing firms worldwide and has created 500 jobs for people. In reality, Game Face has deserted its office space and has only four full-time employees who work from home. And enrollees in his training academy filed complaints with the Labor Department after spending weeks in an unpaid call center with a $1,395 entry fee. Game Face has also had its share of ethical troubles – Cornilles’ business was slapped with an $83,000 tax lien, and he let Game Face’s business registration dissolve for more than a year with the state.

“The centerpiece of Rob Cornilles’ campaign has been his job creation credentials, but his rhetoric and his record don’t match up. From inflated job claims to delinquent taxes to labor complaints, Oregon voters deserve to know the truth behind Rob Cornilles’ fake business claims,” said Trent Lutz, Executive Director at the Democratic Party of Oregon. “If Oregon voters cannot trust Rob Cornilles to be honest about his own business record, they absolutely cannot trust him to represent them in Congress.”


Who is the REAL Rob Cornilles?

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Transcript is below:


Rob Cornilles makes big claims about creating a lot of jobs.

Cornilles ad: Rob Cornilles proven job creator


But it’s unclear how many jobs he’s created.

Cornilles: We’ve created more than 500 jobs for people

Cornilles: Having employed dozens of people

Cornilles: I employed about 60 people


Or where they are.

Cornilles: Many of them were right here in the state of Oregon

Cornilles: Primarily here in North America

Cornilles: In fact even overseas


The problem is, it’s hard to tell what’s true.

News Story: At its peak a decade ago Game Face employed about 20 people.

Now the company has four full-time workers and two part-timers.

Cornilles, himself and his wife.

And Game Face no longer has an office.

It’s employees work from home.


What else isn’t he telling us? 


Cornilles: No, I have a clean conscience about my finances and my business practices.

Forest Grove News-Times: Cornilles paid $9,052.07 to three former Game Face trainees because it was an unpaid call center with a $1,395 entry fee. [The Forest Grove News-Times, 10/20/10]

Willamette Week: “Game Face failed to make federal payroll tax payments for three quarters in a row in 2007, resulting in an $83,000 federal tax lien.” [Willamette Week, 12/14/11]

The Oregonian: “Its business registration with the state lapsed for more than a year.” [The Oregonian, 12/14/11]


If Rob Cornilles can’t be honest with Oregon voters about his real business record, how can we trust him to represent us in Washington?