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Cornilles Attacks on Day One – Oregonian Rates Attack "False"

Nov 15, 2011

Barely out of the gate, Rob Cornilles proves he'll say anything to get himself elected


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Portland, Ore. (November 15, 2011) – 

Hours after becoming the Republican nominee for Oregon’s 1st district, Rob Cornilles proved beyond any doubt exactly how far he’ll sink as he tries again to get himself elected to Congress. His baffling attacks against Suzanne Bonamici on Medicare — cookie-cutter Republican talking points repackaged — left many wondering whether Cornilles has anything to offer Oregonians but empty political rhetoric.

DPO Chair Meredith Wood Smith said today that Cornilles’ well-established support for private Medicare options, a position fundamentally out of touch with Oregon seniors, may have been his reasoning for immediately going on the attack. “Either Rob Cornilles thought that Oregon voters wouldn’t recognize his well-worn, widely discredited Republican attacks on Medicare, or he was simply that desperate to distract from his own record of supporting private plans,” said Wood Smith. “Either way, it’s clear Rob will say anything to get himself elected, no matter how false or attacking.”

Today, the Pulitzer Prize winning fact-check website, took a look at Cornilles’ absurd attack that Bonamici supports $500 billion in cuts to Medicare. They examined his claim and rated it flat-out “false,” saying that Cornilles “is willfully repeating something we’ve said wasn’t true before — and in this case we have said it several times.”

PolitiFact went on to demonstrate that Cornilles’ attack has been a favorite of Republican politicians hoping to undermine the Affordable Care Act, "Sometimes talking points are just so good that no matter how many times we point out they're wrong, politicians keep using them again and again and again."