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Oregon Democrats Unite, Pledging to Run a Positive Campaign

Aug 19, 2011

First Congressional District Democratic Special Primary To Focus on Issues, Experience


Contact: Trent Lutz, Executive Director press [at] dpo [dot] org (503) 239-8625

PORTLAND, Oregon (August 19, 2011) – 

Today Meredith Wood Smith, Democratic Party of Oregon Chair, is pleased to announce that all Democratic candidates running for the First Congressional District Special Election have pledged, in personal conversations with her, to run a positive campaign in the Democratic Special Primary. 

Wood Smith said, "With primary ballots hitting mailboxes in only two months, it's extremely important to keep this campaign focused on issues and experience. I look forward to a positive campaign between our excellent choices for the First Congressional District, and know that all Democrats will rally behind whichever candidate is chosen on November 8th."

The Democratic Candidates responded by saying:

Brad Witt:

“I am the candidate that reflects the interests and values of the citizens of Congressional District 1–and we're not going to talk negatively about our opponents–because we don't have to.” 

Brad Avakian:

“I commend Chairwoman Wood Smith for her efforts to focus this election on the issues that matter to the families of Northwest Oregon: creating jobs, improving our schools and protecting Medicare and Social Security. I look forward to a vigorous and healthy debate as we go forward in this campaign.” 

Suzanne Bomamici:

“I've never for a moment questioned whether or not to run a positive campaign. It's just who I am. Our country desperately needs more leaders who can rise above partisan squabbles and remember that this is first and foremost about helping millions of families make ends meet in difficult economic times.”

Robert Lettin:

“My intent is not to run against other candidates, but to run with them.  I intend to support the candidate with the best ideas, whether that is me or not.”

Saba Ahmed

“All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own, so let's be respectful, loving and kind towards each other.”

Dan Strite

“I fully intend to run a positive campaign, address the issues of the 1st CD citizens, and govern by consensus.” 

Todd Lee Ritter

“I, Todd Lee Ritter, pledge to conduct a positive, issue based campaign with no personal attacks in the race for U.S. Congress District Number One.”

Dominic Hammon

“As a rural Democrat, I value and respect the ideas of everyone.  I promise to run a positive campaign on the merit of improving the economy and improving the future of the next American generation.”