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Chris Dudley Keeps the Ultra Wealthy in their Mansions

Oct 05, 2010

But thinks the minimum wage is too high for those struggling to make ends meet


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PORTLAND, Oregon (October 5, 2010) – 

Today The Oregonian reported that Chris Dudley has been making real estate investments “some of Portland's wealthiest power brokers.”
No coincidence that these same brokers are donating time and money to his campaign. Not only did they benefit from Dudley’s loans before he ran, but they stand to receive over $800 million in tax breaks from his economic plan.  
All of this after Chris Dudley was caught on camera saying that he thinks people earning Oregon’s minimum wage make too much.
One of Dudley’s investments is an island on Oswego Lake. Dudley loaned the owner, Jerry Stubblefield  $3.7 million dollars to keep him on his island. The property is “the most expensive residential property in Oregon.” And if Stubblefield doesn’t repay his loan by December 1, Chris Dudley will be the owner of the island.
In 2008 when Stubblefield owed over $100,000 in back taxes to the state of Oregon, he said: “’You have a problem with that? I don't,’ Stubblefield said. He declines to elaborate, saying only that he's under no financial pressure.”
Chris Dudley offered a similar response when questioned about his Camas tax dodge, stating: "To move across the river is not that big a deal." 
Chris Dudley wants to help those who least need it with tax breaks and loans, while taking away from Oregon’s working families who need it the most. It is clear that Oregon can’t afford to hire Dudley.