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The Reviews are in: Kitzhaber dominated debate

Oct 01, 2010

“Dudley found it increasingly difficult to move beyond the hi-lighted talking points”


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PORTLAND, Oregon (October 1, 2010) – 


“Last night Kitzhaber showed Oregon why experience matters. Chris Dudley’s only idea is a tax break for the ultra wealthy. Dudley and George Bush must have had the same economics professor at Yale,” said Meredith Wood Smith, Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon. “John Kitzhaber laid out clear answers and a clear vision to move Oregon forward.”


The reviews are in:


“It struck me as I was listening that you could listen to everything that Chris was saying and there is no proper nouns. There is no reference to any single factual place, person or thing. There is a series of talking points and he has about four answers which he rotates in response to particular questions but it would be hard to point to something and say ‘this is a place he feels strongly about and this is something he wants to do.’”

David Sarasohn, of The Oregonian on KGW, 9/30/10




“No matter what the question, Dudley, who at 6-foot-11 towered over his opponent, responded with some combination of his desire to cut capital gains (he has proposed dropping the state’s current rate from 11 percent to 3 percent) or a need to cut government spending.”


Kitzhaber gave nuanced answers on teacher merit pay, tax reform and perhaps most persuasively responded in detail to a question about which parcels of real estate in Oregon should not be developed and which are examples of poorly planned development. Dudley completely whiffed on that question, failing to think of an example of either.”

-Jaquiss, Willamette Week 10/1/10


Dudley’s “responses to questions from audience members and a two-journalist panel were more like billboard slogans than white-paper recitations.”

-Steves, Register-Guard, 10/1/10


 “Kitzhaber takes command of gubernatorial debate”

-Headline, Steve Duin, The Oregonian, 9/30/10


“In what Oregon Democrats desperately hope is a model for the final five weeks of the governor's race, John Kitzhaber started slowly but came on strong in Thursday night's gubernatorial debate, proving noticeably more adept … at proposing specific solutionsfor what ails a state in the grip of a severe recession.”

-Duin, The Oregonian, 9/30/10


“But as the hour-long debate progressed, Dudley found it increasingly difficult to move beyond the hi-lighted talking points.  Midway through the debate, The Oregonian's Jeff Mapes asked the two candidates to state one clear and specific objection to Oregon's land-use laws. Dudley could not do it, suggesting only that Oregonians on either side of the rural-urban divide should play by the same rules.”

-Duin, The Oregonian, 9/30/10