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Oregon Democrats Give Dudley plan an “F” for Failure to Control State Spending

Aug 19, 2010


Contact: Amy Wojcicki, Communications Director
amy [at] dpo [dot] org
(503) 239-8636

PORTLAND, Oregon (August 19, 2010) – 

This week Chris Dudley’s campaign released a document that outlined what his vision for the state budget would be if elected.  We took a quick look at the release and then began to wonder what was really in the document. Upon further review we found nothing but regurgitated ideas and costly programs. 


Chris Dudley's Plan Grows Government:

Chris Dudley’s plan actually grows state government. Oregon doesn’t need any more commissions, additional layers of bureaucracy, more people in the governor’s office or more Web sites.


Chris Dudley's Plan Doesn't Solve Oregon's Fiscal Problems:

Half of Chris Dudley’s ideas cost money – and it isn’t clear where he will get the funding for those 13 spending ideas. At the same time he has said that he will reduce revenues.


Chris Dudley’s Plan Shows He’s Not Ready to Govern:

By the time you get to the end of it, what you're left with is a plan that demonstrates Chris Dudley is not ready to govern. Dudley’s plan and the other ideas – aren’t his own and many are already in practice. This plan makes it clear that Dudley knows nothing about Oregon or managing state government – and shows yet again that he is failing the job interview and would fail as Oregon’s next governor. Dudley clearly isn’t ready to walk in on day one to tackle the challenges facing Oregon.


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