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Dudley Hypocrisy Watch: SolarWorld edition

Jun 14, 2010


Amy Wojcicki, Communications Director
[email protected]

PORTLAND, Oregon (June 14, 2010) – 


This past weekend Chris Dudley toured the SolarWorld facility in Hillsboro, praising the company and stating that we needed more companies like them in Oregon. Yet weeks ago, Dudley was attacking SolarWorld as an “out of state energy company” at a forum for business leaders according to Oregon Business “Jobs Watch.”

According to the Daily Journal of Commerce, “Tax breaks given to SolarWorld in 2008 allowed the photovoltaic manufacturer to construct its current facility in Hillsboro. A year later, the company is over halfway to its goal of hiring 1,000 new employees, and just completed a new module manufacturing facility.”

When did Dudley change his mind about the company ? Was it when he noticed that they were creating good jobs for Oregonians? Or was it when he realized they were generous campaign contributors? Either way it is a sharp turn around for Dudley.

“Chris Dudley needs to figure out what he stands for. He can’t attack SolarWorld as an ‘out of state’ company and then weeks later praise it as a great jobs producer for Oregon when he stops by for a photo-op,” said Trent Lutz, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Oregon. “Oregonians won’t fall for the deceptive and insincere campaign tactics Dudley is employing.”


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