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Dudley Really Does Do Little

Jun 02, 2010


Amy Wojcicki, Communications Director
[email protected]

PORTLAND, Oregon (June 2, 2010) – 

Chris Dudley hasn’t made a public campaign appearance since right after the primary – when he got Oregon history wrong and went on the attack with fabricated information.  Since that event, Dudley has avoided all public campaign appearances.

Why does his consulting team have Dudley hidden? Possibly making up more false attacks? Perhaps brushing up on Oregon history? Or are they working on some new talking points that Dudley will try to pass off to voters as policy specifics?

Whichever the case is, Dudley can’t skate through the election without facing voters and getting specific on issues that are vital to Oregon. 

“This is a time when our state needs a leader who is out working with Oregonians to build a better future, not someone who is hidden away afraid to talk about the issues that face our great state.” said DPO Executive Director Trent Lutz. “Chris Dudley has failed to show voters that he can address any issues without consulting his political team. Oregonians deserve confident, qualified leadership”