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“Chris Dudley: Candidate declined to respond.”

Oct 05, 2007


Contact: Amy Wojcicki, Communications Director amy [at] dpo [dot] org (503) 239-8636

PORTLAND, Oregon (October 5, 2007) – 

Chris Dudley chose to ignore The Oregonian’s Candidate Questionnaire, showing that he intends to keep voters in the dark about his real policy beliefs.
Dudley is attempting to run a campaign based solely on platitudes and tired talking points, when he is specifically asked to answer questions.
This is nothing new for Dudley. In the primary he avoided offering specifics as well, at a debate saying “Well, because there’s no reason to come out with a specific right now.”
The Oregonian’s David Sarashon said of Dudley’s performance at the KGW & Oregonian debate, “There is no reference to any single factual place, person or thing. There is a series of talking points and he has about four answers which he rotates in response to particular questions but it would be hard to point to something and say ‘this is a place he feels strongly about and this is something he wants to do.’”What were the tough questions Dudley is refusing to answer in the Oregonian?


  1. What immediate steps would you take to create more jobs in Oregon?
  2. What would you do to make Oregon more resistant to economic recessions?
  3. What about your personal and professional experience makes you the most qualified candidate for governor?
  4. Do you think Oregon has gone too far in preserving open spaces and natural landscapes at the expense of utilizing the state's natural resources for economic benefits? What, if anything, would you do to change that balance?
  5. Both major party candidates have stated a desire to lower state labor costs. Cite specific ways you would do that.
  6. Should Oregon reduce its highest-in-the-nation reliance on income taxes? If so, how?
  7. How can we achieve our high goals for improving university and high school graduation rates while we're facing dramatic cuts in spending on education?

Looking at the campaign he is running and the talking points he follows, you can bet they all his answers would begin with offering $800 million in tax cuts for the wealthy.