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No More Hiding in Plain Sight: It’s Clear that Drazan is a MAGA Republican

September 17, 2022

For Immediate Release
Contact: Eddie Kurtz, [email protected] and (503) 883-8887

Today, Christine Drazan is campaigning with former MAGA Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, an anti-choice extremist and devoted Trump loyalist who refused to acknowledge the results of the 2020 election, saying, “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration, all right. We’re ready.”

Despite her efforts to hide her extreme agenda by scrubbing her website of her far-right views on abortion, Christine Drazan’s extreme record and platform would no doubt take Oregon backwards if she were to snag the governorship this November, and today’s visit from Pompeo only confirms it.

However, Drazan’s decision to campaign with MAGA-Republicans like Pompeo who have touted the ‘big lie’ is no surprise. Last month, Drazan wished ‘the best’ to right-wing extremist and Q-Anon conspiracist Jo Rae Perkins and even questioned why she would be asked about it, saying: “I’m just trying to understand why it is you would think I would not support a fellow Republican.”

Drazan also made waves recently by earning the endorsement of Timber Unity over long-time Timber Unity ally Betsy Johnson. Timber Unity has well-documented ties to insurrectionists and far-right extremists and Drazan’s embrace of the organization tells voters all they need to know about who Christine Drazan really is: a far-right MAGA Republican attempting to hide her true record from voters.

“Christine Drazan can try to cover up her far-right views all she likes, but the truth is hiding in plain sight.” said KC Hanson, Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon. “Drazan surrounds herself with extremists like Pompeo and welcomes endorsement from groups like Oregon Right to Life who are actively pushing to ban abortion access in Oregon. From her history of sponsoring extreme anti-abortion bills, to her “A” rating from the NRA, to courting the support of extremists, Christine Drazan is making it abundantly clear that she is too extreme for Oregon, and if given the chance, will work to rip personal freedoms away from Oregonians.”


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