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Christine Drazan Invites Glenn Youngkin to Bring the Extreme MAGA GOP to Oregon

October 18, 2022

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Christine Drazan continues to show Oregon voters that she is committed to push the state in an extreme MAGA direction. This time by welcoming Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, who strongly opposes access to abortion and has spent his Summer and Fall campaigning with extreme election-denying candidates across the country.

Last month, Youngkin headlined a gala celebrating the fall of Roe v. Wade hosted by the radical anti-abortion group, Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, which is fitting since Drazan supports banning abortion. While Drazan tried to scrub her anti-choice record from her website to appeal to moderates, her message to MAGA Republicans is that she “looks forward to the day” abortion is restricted in Oregon.

Youngkin also plans to campaign with Arizona gubernatorial MAGA candidate Kari Lake, who has openly campaigned on conspiracy theories and lies, sucks up to Donald Trump, and wants to ban abortion. Previously, Youngkin campaigned with Tudor Dixon in Michigan, another election denier that wants to ban abortion without exceptions.

Drazan inviting Youngkin to campaign with her is just another sign that she plans to bring the GOP’s far-right, MAGA agenda to Oregon if elected governor.

Oregon Democratic Party Chair KC Hanson said, “It’s more clear every day that Christine Drazan is planning to bring her party’s most extreme, radical positions to Oregon if she’s elected governor. While Drazan attempts to appeal to both moderate and MAGA Republicans in order to be elected, her phony politics will transition to an extremist governing agenda. The GOP is counting on her to lead the way on their agenda — starting with banning abortion and curtailing personal freedoms. Christine Drazan has demonstrated she’ll fall right in line with the GOP’s MAGA extremism if elected governor, and Oregonians will suffer.”