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Democratic Party of Oregon Staff Join IUPAT District Council 5

Jan 14, 2020

PORTLAND — The staff of the Democratic Party of Oregon voted to unionize and reached a Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Democratic Party of Oregon late last week. DPO Staff are now represented by the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) Local 1094.

Founded in 1887, IUPAT members help shape their communities in many ways: through an abiding commitment to service, by fighting passionately for workers’ rights that benefit all working families, and through effective and aggressive political mobilization.

“The Democratic Party of Oregon enthusiastically welcomed this organizing effort,” said KC Hanson, chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon and herself an IUPAT member. “Oregon Democrats are fierce advocates for labor. Unions strengthen our workforce, advocate for essential rights within the workplace and build power for working people. It is only right that the DPO’s workers enjoy the benefits of union membership.”

The DPO employs ten full time staff. This number grows significantly during election years as the Party ramps up its organizing work. Both full time employees and election cycle employees will be included in this bargaining unit.

“As we enter the most important election year in a generation, it is critical that folks who do the hard work of electing Democrats and fighting for progressive causes have benefits and working conditions that acknowledge that labor — and that we as Democrats ‘walk the talk’ of supporting workers,” said Candy Emmons, DPO Operations Director, who served as a lead staff negotiator. “This contract not only protects the rights of our team, but ensures the rights of future workers to have a seat at the table. The Staff of the Democratic Party of Oregon are proud to fight for working families like ours in this election year by electing Democrats up and down the ticket.”


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