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Democratic Party of Oregon Releases Platform, Top Legislative Priorities

Feb 18, 2022

For Immediate Release
Contact: Eddie Kurtz
[email protected]

After an unprecedented virtual process involving months of work by volunteers and staff, the Democratic Party of Oregon has released its 2021 Party Platform along with its top 20 Legislative Action Items.

“The Democratic Party of Oregon’s 2021 Platform establishes an urgent vision for our state in the face of mounting challenges to our communities and planet. This document is the foundation of who we are as a Party,” said Dr. Rosa Colquitt, Vice Chair of the DPO and Chair of the Platform Convention. “Democrats from across the state with diverse backgrounds and wide-ranging perspectives came together virtually to create a Party Platform that reflects the interests and addresses the needs of working people everywhere.”

As stated in the preamble of the Platform:

“The Democratic Party of Oregon commits itself to the principles and positions contained in this platform in order to secure a more just and prosperous future for all Oregonians across our 36 counties.”

And: “We affirm that the greatness of our nation is in its diversity and its ability to move forward, with full understanding of our historical strengths and weaknesses. We invite all Oregonians, wherever they may be, to join us in affirming our determination to make and keep Oregon a beacon of opportunity, tolerance, and freedom.”

“Through grassroots advocacy and in-depth policy discussions, our platform and legislative action items (LAIs) represent where Oregon Democrats see the greatest need and urgency for action,” said Carla “KC” Hanson, Democratic Party of Oregon Chair. “This list of 20 LAIs is a key tool in how we convey our priorities to our elected Democratic leaders.” The full list of LAIs can be found here.