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Anti-Choice / Believer in Trump’s “Election Lies” Leads Betsy Johnson’s Republican Campaign

June 15, 2022

For Immediate Release
Oregon Contact: Eddie Kurtz, [email protected] and (503) 883-8887

On Tuesday Betsy Johnson proudly announced that Bridget Barton, former right-wing candidate for Governor, will run the “Republicans for Betsy campaign.”  Johnson’s announcement underscores that right-wing and corporate interests are her key backers. Oregonians should be on full alert against Johnson’s deceptive campaign tactics.

KC Hanson, Democratic Party of Oregon Chair, released the following statement:

“Betsy Johnson’s confirmed what Oregonians know – Betsy is no middle of the road candidate – she’s backed by big corporate interests and right-wing activists.  Betsy’s selection of Bridget Barton, a failed Republican governor candidate who was endorsed by Oregon’s largest anti-choice group is a crass political ploy – but Oregonians won’t be fooled.

“As the Supreme Court is poised to end reproductive rights in a matter of days, Betsy Johnson is collaborating with an anti-choice Republican who was endorsed by Oregon Right to Life. This is just one more reason Oregon voters will reject Betsy in November.

“In aligning with Barton, Betsy is teaming up with someone who, like Trump, refuses to acknowledge the 2020 presidential election results, and has even attacked Oregon’s beloved and highly regarded Vote-By-Mail system.

“Every day the January 6th Committee reveals the frightening details of Trump’s attempted coup – it’s just astonishing that Betsy Johnson would think it’s okay to pick Barton, who perpetuates Trump’s lies, to head her Republican campaign. This move tells us once again how wrong Betsy is for Oregon.

“Betsy – you’re judged by the company you keep, and your support of right-winger Bridget Barton tells us everything about you, your votes for corporate interests, and why you’re just plain wrong for Oregon.”