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News Release: Major Jobs Bill Passes House

Feb 29, 2012

February 29, 2012

February 29, 2012
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Major Jobs Bill Passes House
Oregon Investment Act Will Help Businesses Grow
SALEM- A central component of the Oregon House Democrats’ jobs agenda passed the Oregon House today on a 59-1 vote. HB 4040, The Oregon Investment Act, is designed to streamline Oregon’s economic development activities and create a more flexible system of support for businesses. A variety of small business owners and statewide business advocacy and economic development organizations supported the bill.
“This bill was built on what we’ve heard about businesses’ needs, in communities statewide. It continues a conversation about Oregon’s business future,” said Rep. Tobias Read (D-Beaverton), sponsor of the bill. “The Oregon Investment Act will ensure businesses gain access to capital and that Oregon’s business future is bright.
Speaking for Oregon entrepreneurs, Rep. Chris Harker (D-Washington County) said “This bill will leverage capital on behalf of Oregon small business owners. It will create a system that is more nimble, more flexible, and better able to support small business growth.”
Rep. Deborah Boone (D-Cannon Beach) lauded the House’s bipartisan work to support an important jobs bill. “It’s a top priority of mine to do everything we can to help small businesses put people back to work. Today is a major victory for Oregon and Oregon’s small businesses.”
“The state has an important role in creating the climate where businesses can thrive and grow. As the economy rebounds, we’re positioning businesses to begin rehiring Oregonians,” said Read.
HB 4040 now moves to the Oregon Senate for deliberation.