Democratic Party of Oregon Statement on Supreme Court Decisions

Jun 30, 2023

For Immediate Release

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June 30, 2023

PORTLAND, OR – “The Democratic Party of Oregon condemns the recent Supreme Court rulings that abolish affirmative action in college admissions, allows discrimination against LGBTQ+ people based on who they are, and blocks student loan relief for tens of millions of Americans,” said DPO Chair Dr. Rosa Colquitt.

“The extremist majority on the Supreme Court has walked away from its duty to uphold human rights in favor of being a political instrument of the Republican Party. In failing to uphold decades of precedent, this Court’s majority has demonstrated that political motivation outweighs its desire to uphold the principles of our Constitution.

America is stronger when our colleges are diverse, when people are free to be who they are without enduring discrimination, and when our federal government goes to bat for people who are struggling under the weight of predatory student loan debt. As President Biden said, ‘We cannot let this decision be the last word.’

It is clear that we cannot rely on the Supreme Court with its current ideological makeup to protect Americans’ rights or support long standing precedent. The answer is political – we must win back the United States Congress on behalf of the people. The answer to these gravely mistaken rulings is to restore a Democratic majority in the House, expand our majority in the Senate, and re-elect President Biden next year. The Democratic Party of Oregon expresses solidarity with the millions of Americans who are hurting today, and we reaffirm our resolve to do our part to secure the electoral wins necessary to codify into law the rights, protections, and economic relief that our fellow Americans deserve.”