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“A No-Brainer”: In The Midst of Coronavirus, Oregonians Welcome Vote‑By‑Mail Primary

May 19, 2020

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Contact: Molly Woon
[email protected]
May 19, 2020

PORTLAND — As Oregon’s 2020 primary comes to a close today, voters across the state are heaping praise on our deeply popular vote-by-mail system. In the midst of a global pandemic, voting by mail ensures that nobody has to choose between protecting their health and exercising their right to vote.

“Despite the necessary COVID-19 restrictions and limitations, Oregon voters are on pace for a record primary turnout,” said Carla “K.C.” Hanson, Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon. “Oregon has been voting exclusively by mail for more than two decades, and democracy in our state isn’t just doing fine — it’s thriving. This Oregon primary election is proof to the nation that Americans needn’t sacrifice our health nor our democracy during these challenging times.”

Over the last few weeks, the Democratic Party of Oregon has been asking Oregonians what voting by mail means to them. Here are a few highlights:

“My partner and I can take our time performing our civic duty, carefully considering our votes. We actually make a date night out of it with each election. […] Really, switching to vote-by-mail nationally is a no-brainer.” — Wayne M., Harrisburg

“Voting by mail means getting enough time to read about and consider the issues, read the voters pamphlet and talk about the issues with the family. When we sit down to vote (usually at the dinner table), we discuss the issues, sometimes changing minds, sometimes learning something we didn’t know.” — Mary E., Portland

“It’s easy. It’s convenient. It’s not weather dependent. It’s fair. It’s inclusive.” — Barbara J., Portland

“Vote by mail is simple and easy. I can sit in the comfort of my recliner, my ballot on my lap, and my voters guide by my side. […]  When I am finished with my ballot I can move on to my adult beverage of choice at hand and watch the results roll in from the comfort of my recliner. It is quick, easy, simple and it has been working consistently well for over 20 years. We started the idea in Oregon and we would be happy to share with the rest of our friends and neighbors.” — Alan H., Newberg

“I have lived in Oregon for the past 47 years. Vote by Mail is easy and very convenient. I can vote in the privacy of my home and drop my ballot off in a collection box. No lines, no stamps, no hassles with polling places. It’s the way to go!” — Barbara S., Ashland

“I remember those days as a young single mother going out into freezing cold November days after work to vote with toddler in tow. No contest: vote by mail is easy, convenient, and enables citizens to perform their civic duty.” — Mary B., Hillsboro

Oregonians have until 8:00 p.m. to return their ballots to an official ballot drop box.