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Native American Caucus

Thank you for your interest in the Native American Caucus of the Democratic Party of Oregon.

Our mission is to elect, recruit, and support Native American Democrats running for public office in the State of Oregon, to educate and encourage Native voters across the State, and to advocate and promote issues important to Native Americans in Oregon and in the Democratic Party.

Membership is open to any individual who is a citizen or a descendant of an American Indian, Alaska Native or Hawaiian tribe, nation or community, or who supports the purposes of the Native American Caucus. You must attend two meetings in order to become a member.

DPO Native American Caucus Officers

President: Carina Miller (Warm Springs)
Vice President: Valdez Bravo (Standing Rock Sioux/Latino)
Secretary: Diane Doctor (Tonawanda Seneca)
Communications Officer: Nicole Adams (Colville)
State Central Committee Delegate: Carina Miller
State Central Committee Alternate: Nicole Adams

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