DPO Caucuses

Environmental Caucus

Do you have a passion for protecting our Natural Resources and the quality of life they provide? If so, the Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party of Oregon needs you!   The DPO Environmental Caucus will facilitate statewide networks of environmental expertise and concern with the ability to mobilize around environmental issues and the election of pro-environmental Democratic policy makers. The Democratic Party of Oregon has strong environmental principles as expressed in Article 6 of the Platform.   As a DPO and Environmental Caucus member you can help draft the biennial Democratic Party Platform for Oregon and help set pro-environment Legislative priorities by participating in the biennial Platform Convention.

You can help by:

  • Becoming a Grassroots Supporter of the DPO Environmental Caucus
  • Being a resource for input for the biennial Platform Convention and prioritizing legislative agendas
  • Volunteering to write letters or participate in pro-environmental activities in your area
  • Participating in the electoral process in support of pro-environment candidates
  • Receiving our email newsletter and bulletins and providing feedback on conditions and attitudes in your county

DPO Environmental Caucus Officers

Chair: David McCall
Vice Chair: Calla Felicity
Treasurer: Timothy Pape
Secretary: Catherine Thomasson

Join the Environmental Caucus!