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The Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party of Oregon has a passion to meld climate and environmental action with justice.  We help elect candidates and work on policy. We have strong environmental principles expressed in Article 3 of the Platform.

Water Impacts top the climate concerns – Read the New Report on Listening Sessions held statewide

The Environmental Caucus listened to people in 28 out of 36 counties explain the climate impacts and preferred solutions for their region. Top Issues focused on water quality and quantity, forest management, and wildfire/smoke.

Key solutions were much broader and included increased use of renewable energy sources, better water planning and conservation, and maximizing carbon sequestration.

Consistently, we heard obstacles around misinformation, the lack of education on climate issues as well as frustration with industry money in campaign finance and politics, and lack of community resources to address local issues.

The full report provides a resource to understand issues at a regional and state level. At the end of the report is a list of resources on policy and communications. There is more work to be done in engaging more diverse and underrepresented audiences, which the Environmental Caucus looks forward to pursuing.

Learning from COVID to Address Climate Change

If there is one thing we can learn from the COVID19 pandemic, it is that listening to scientists saves lives. The Governor is listening to climate scientists. Her recent Executive Order directing state agencies to take actions to reduce and regulate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will save lives. Read our blog post about Governor Brown’s Executive Order.


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DPO Environmental Caucus Officers

Chair: Doyle Canning | [email protected]
Vice Chair: Catherine Thomasson | [email protected]
Treasurer: Jan Lee
Secretary: Dylan Plummer
SCC Delegate: Matt West
SCC Alternate: George Hough

Oregon Green New Deal Chair: Open Position

Communications Chair: Open Position

Fundraising Chair: Open Position
Contact the DPO Environmental Caucus at [email protected].

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