DPO 2024 Demographic Profile

Survey: Who Are We?

Last year, on the recommendation of the Racial Equity, Leadership and Accountability, R.E.A.L. Committee Report, a demographic survey was conducted primarily to obtain information related to the racial makeup of the State Central Committee (SCC) and its leadership. Two of the key recommendations were:

  1. That the DPO should establish an ongoing diversity and equity committee to go beyond the work of the R.E.A.L. committee and the Diversity-Equity-Inclusion, so the D.E.I. Special Committee was appointed by the DPO Chair in May 2023;  and 
  2. That the DPO, in conjunction with Constituency Services, should annually conduct a Demographic Profile Survey to determine the state of diversity and inclusion in the DPO. 

The D.E.I. Committee believes that the frequent collection of demographic information about our membership and their views about their voice is helpful to the Party as we look to focus resources on ensuring full participation – especially in Election Year 2024. 

Although the D.E.I. demographic survey is optional, your participation is strongly encouraged. All data collected will be disaggregated and individual responses will remain confidential. 

Thank you in advance for helping us to build an equitable, diverse and fully inclusive Democratic Party!