Asian American & Pacific Islander Caucus


As approved by the DPO Rules Committee 2013

As amended – June 2017


The name of the organization shall be the Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders Caucus of the Democratic Party of Oregon, or the AAPI-DPO. The AAPI-DPO shall be affiliated with the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO).


  • The AAPI-DPO is devoted to representing, advancing and promoting the interests of the diverse AAPI communities throughout Oregon.  It seeks to increase AAPI participation and representation, and leadership in government, political, education and civic processes and to elected office, including statewide appointments;
  • The AAPI-DPO will promote greater civic participation and empowerment of AAPIs in different government levels by providing access and knowledge about major policy issues especially legislation before the Oregon Legislature and US Congress and regulatory agencies reflecting the concerns and needs of the AAPI communities;
  • The AAPI-DPO will help ensure that the AAPI community has equal access to education, social services, health and other government programs and services;
  • Working with AAPI communities, the AAPI-DPO will help bring their issues to the state and national leaders and political processes and to help them exercise their rights; including strengthening protections against hate crimes, defending the civil and constitutional rights and liberties of AAPIs, and fighting against racial stereotypes and negative portrayals of AAPIs in the media;
  • The AAPI-DPO will help build common interests and communications among the various AAPI communities.
  • The AAPI Caucus will accomplish this mission by working to create or change the DPO Platform; DPO Legislative Action Items; and County Party and DPO Resolutions that are consistent with this mission statement. The AAPI Caucus further accomplishes this mission by supporting projects that reflect the values as embodied in the DPO Platform and Resolutions.
  • The AAPI-DPO will participate in the policy decisions and the outreach programs of the DPO to maximize support of the Democratic Party and its endorsed candidates. The AAPI-DPO will recruit and support pro-Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders candidates for elective office. The AAPI-DPO will support only Democratic elected officials and Democratic nominees in partisan races.


Any Democrat registered to vote in the State of Oregon who by signing a membership list subscribes to the purposes of the AAPI-DPO as described in Article II and complies with the provisions of these bylaws shall be a member of the AAPI-DPO.


In the first quarter of every year, the AAPI-DPO shall present the DPO with a report of its membership, attendance and activities for the preceding calendar year.


The AAPI-DPO will abide by Article XV (Special Caucuses) of the Democratic Party of Oregon Bylaws and any additional policies as established by the DPO.


SECTION ONE: The officers of the AAPI-DPO shall be Chair, Vice Chair, Recording Secretary, Communications Officer, and Treasurer.

SECTION TWO: The elected officers, the Immediate Past Chair of the AAPI-DPO, and committee chairs shall constitute the Executive Committee of the AAPI-DPO.

SECTION THREE: The Executive Committee shall be the administrative body of the AAPI-DPO and, subject to approval of the members of the AAPI-DPO, shall have the power and authority to do and perform all acts and functions that the AAPI-DPO itself might do or perform, which are consistent with these Bylaws.

SECTION FOUR: The term of office for the officers shall be two years.


SECTION ONE: The Chair shall:

  • preside at all meetings of the AAPI-DPO and the Executive Committee,
  • appoint standing and ad hoc committees,
  • represent the AAPI-DPO on the Democratic Party of Oregon Executive Committee, and
  • perform other duties that are pertinent to the office.

SECTION TWO: The Vice Chair shall:

  • assume the duties of the Chair during any absence, incapacity, or temporary disability of the Chair and perform such duties as may be assigned by the Chair.
  • shall be a member of the Membership Committee.

SECTION THREE: The Recording Secretary shall:

  • maintain the membership and mailing lists, keep the minutes of all meetings of the AAPI-DPO, and perform other duties that are pertinent to the office.
  • be the custodian of all the papers of the AAPI-DPO.
  • at the expiration of his/her term, shall surrender all property of the AAPI-DPO in his/her possession to the Chair.

SECTION FOUR: The Communications Officer shall:

  • send out notices of all meetings, prepare and distribute AAPI-DPO newsletters in accordance with Executive Committee policies,
  • prepare press releases at the request of the Executive Committee or the Chair, and
  • perform other duties that are pertinent to the office.

SECTION FIVE: The Treasurer shall:

  • be responsible for insuring that the AAPI-DPO complies with the regulations and financial requirements of the State Central Committee.
  • make a report of the income and expenses of the AAPI-DPO at each meeting of the Executive Committee, and make a financial statement to the members at the annual meeting of the AAPI-DPO.
  • be the custodian of all the financial records of the AAPI-DPO. The Treasurer shall be a member of the Fundraising Committee
  • at the expiration of her/his term, shall surrender all records and property of the AAPI-DPO in his/her possession to the Chair.


SECTION ONE: Resignation of the Chair shall be effective upon receipt of such resignation, in writing, to the remaining members of the Executive Committee. Resignations of the other members of the Executive Committee shall be effective upon receipt of such resignation, in writing, to the Chair.

SECTION TWO: A member of the Executive Committee may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the membership for malfeasance or for conduct clearly contrary to the purposes or best interests of the AAPI-DPO.

  1. An action to remove a member of the Executive Committee may be started by a petition listing the reasons for holding a vote to remove that person, signed by at least two-thirds of the Executive Committee or by 25 percent of the membership.
  2. No vote to remove a member of the Executive Committee can be held without at least 30 days written notice to the entire Executive Committee and the membership.

SECTION THREE: Any member of the Executive Committee who is absent from two consecutive meetings may be subject to removal by the membership. The Executive Committee member must be given 30 days notice, and are removed with a two-thirds vote of the membership.

SECTION FOUR: The Executive Committee shall fill by appointment, pending special election upon 30 days notice to the membership, any vacancies on the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE IX: Standing Committees

SECTION ONE: The Chair shall appoint the chair and the members of each standing committee from the membership of the AAPI-DPO. Meetings of any standing committee shall be called by the chair of the committee by giving notice of the time and place of meeting to each member of the committee.

SECTION TWO: The Chair of each standing committee shall sit as a member of the Executive Committee.

SECTION THREE: Fundraising Committee – the Fundraising Committee will raise funds to further the Purpose of the AAPI-DPO. The Treasurer shall be a member of and may chair the Fundraising Committee. The Fundraising Committee is empowered to solicit monetary and in-kind contributions and to sell items promoting the AAPI-DPO.

SECTION FOUR: Membership Committee – The Membership Committee shall recruit members, greet new members, and maintain the membership list in coordination with the Secretary. The Vice Chair shall be a member of and may chair the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee may staff booths at political conventions. In coordination with the Secretary, the Membership Committee shall provide regular reports to the membership regarding the activities of the AAPI-DPO.

SECTION FIVE: Endorsement Committee – The Endorsement Committee shall consult the DPO Caucus Manual as a guiding resource with regards to endorsing nonpartisan candidates and primary races and shall develop a questionnaire for candidates seeking the AAPI Caucus Endorsement.


SECTION ONE: The AAPI-DPO Executive Committee may, at its discretion, form chapters at the county and congressional district levels, as constituent organizations of the AAPI-DPO. Such recognition shall not be dependent on recognition by any other Democratic Party committee.

SECTION TWO: One representative of each chapter may be elected by its members to serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee of the AAPI-DPO.

SECTION THREE: Representatives of chapters shall not be counted for the purpose of determining Executive Committee meeting quorum under these bylaws.


The Recording Secretary of the AAPI-DPO shall maintain the list of Members, which shall include as a minimum the name and last known voter registration address of the Member and the date on which the Member first qualified for membership. The list shall only be used for purposes related to the AAPI-DPO and only with the approval of the AAPI-DPO Executive Committee.


SECTION ONE: The Executive Committee shall meet at least four times during the year. At least one such meeting shall be held on a face-to-face basis. Other such meetings may be by teleconference, email or other similar communication. Participation by such means shall constitute presence at such meetings. A quorum for the Executive Committee shall be a majority of its membership.

SECTION TWO: Special meetings may be called by the Chair or a majority of the Executive Committee and may be by teleconference or email.

SECTION THREE: The membership shall convene semi-annually at a time and place to be determined by the Chair or the Executive Committee. The membership shall receive at least 30 days notice of a meeting by mail, email or telephone. A quorum for a meeting shall be 10 percent of the membership.


Any candidate for a partisan or nonpartisan office who has been registered in Oregon as a Democrat for no less than 180 days and who will be listed on the ballot in the coming election shall be eligible for endorsement by the Caucus Committee with notification to Caucus Members.

All endorsement requests will be vetted by an Endorsement Committee comprised of a minimum of three caucus members to endorse based on the requisites of the DPO Caucus Manual. The Endorsement Committee shall make recommendations to the rest of the Caucus Membership as to which Democratic candidates, partisan and nonpartisan, to endorse. Caucus Members will be given notice of potential candidates to endorse by mail, email or telephone communication. Received endorsements will be recorded at a meeting.

Endorsed Candidates are limited to utilizing the name of the caucus only, written as “Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) Caucus of the Democratic Party of Oregon” for Website/Candidate Statements; for Voter Pamphlet statements provided that the endorsed candidate supply their County/State Voter Pamphlet Endorsement Form, if applicable to the AAPI Caucus Chair or Caucus Secretary to complete. The AAPI Caucus may not provide written testimonies/endorsements with respect and recognition of the State Central Committee Members and Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon.


SECTION ONE: Elections shall be held at an organizational meeting held in odd calendar years.

SECTION TWO: Names of proposed officers will be placed in nomination from the floor during the organizational meeting.


The Bylaws for the AAPI-DPO may be amended at a meeting by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present, providing that a copy of the proposed amendments has been sent to the members at least 30 days prior to a meeting of the AAPI-DPO.


The most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the AAPI-DPO.


The AAPI-DPO shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, ethnic or national origin, age, disability, veteran status, social or economic status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other factor unrelated to membership and the mission of the AAPI-DPO.