2020 2nd Quarter

State Central Committee

June 27th at 11:00 a.m.

The Current Business Before the State Central Committee is Ballot Measure Endorsements for Statewide Ballot Measures.

On 8/4/2020 the Platforms and Resolutions Committee (PRC) met to consider statewide ballot measures. The PRC made the following recommendations:

  • Ref. 402: Increases taxes on tobacco products
    • Recommended yes vote on Ref. 402; vote was 20-0
  • IP 57: Amends the Constitution regarding drawing legislative districts
    • Recommended no vote on IP 57; vote was 18-1
  • IP 44: Drug treatment and decriminalization
    • Recommended yes vote on IP 44; vote was 12-5
  • IP 34: Therapeutic use of psilocybin
    • Recommended yes vote on IP 34; vote was 14-3

All State Central Committee Members will receive Vote By Mail Ballots. Please note that all ballots must be physically received at the Democratic Party of Oregon office in Portland by 5pm, Friday, August 21st. Postmarks cannot be honored, and there is not an option to vote online;  DPO bylaws only provide for using postal mailing option as an alternative to an in-person SCC meeting


For additional information on these Ballot Measures, please click here to review documents provided by the Pro/Con Campaigns