2020 Democratic National Convention

Updated Timeline of the Oregon Delegate Selection Process due to COVID-19

All times Pacific

May 21st, 5pm

Registration Closes (All participants must register whether they are a candidate for delegate or only wish to participate as a voter). Presidential Preference Identified on Filing Form.

May 22nd

Delegates are Apportioned based on the results of the May 19th Primary.

May 25th, 5pm

Presidential Candidate Right of Review Concludes

May 27th

Ballots mailed out to Democrats who have registered online to participate in this process as voters in this process. (Henceforth to be referred to as “voters”.)

Mail in ballots will include voting packets, which include both paper ballots and instructions on how  to vote online.

Each voter will receive up to 3 separate Ballots for National Convention Delegates, depending on which Delegates their preferred presidential candidate has been allocated.

  1. District Level Delegate Spots (in voter’s District/ Preferred Presidential Candidate)
  2. PLEO Delegate Spots (for voters Preferred Presidential Candidate)
  3. At Large Delegates and/or Alternates (for voters Preferred Presidential Candidate) (Alternates are selected from the runners-up on the At-large Delegate Ballot, If a candidate receives no At-Large Delegates but is otherwise entitled to an Alternate, a separate ballot will be sent out for At-Large Alternate).

Voters will have the option to self-select if they would like to receive only an online ballot on their filing form.

Each ballot is linked to a voter using a unique voter ID. There are no secret ballots.

Voters have the choice to cast their ballot by either USPS mail or by using a secure online portal. Postage will not be paid as access to the online ballot is provided to each voter.

Only one ballot will be counted for each voter. If a voter chooses to cast a ballot online, they will be notified that their online vote takes precedence if said voter also submits a ballot by postal  mail.  (“By submitting this ballot you are acknowledging that this is your true ballot that should be counted and that any physical ballot received at the DPO will be discarded.”)

Ballots will use the form of Modified STAR Majority Voting approved by the DPO State Central Committee in the 2nd Quarter 2019 Meeting.

Candidate Campaigning

A Voters’ pamphlet will be made available online (all candidates will be allowed to submit a Voter Pamphlet Statement, photo, and web link. No convention speeches will occur and there will be no fee to be included in the Voters’ Pamphlet).

All candidates will receive USPS mailing addresses for registered voters.

The DPO will set up moderated email listservs for candidates to communicate with voters.

June 12th, 5pm

Ballots must be received by the Democratic Party of Oregon. As a reminder, per DNC rules there are no secret ballots at any point in this process and the process may be audited by the Democratic National Committee. Ballots can be received in the following ways:

  • Ballots received in the mail (Postmarks will NOT be honored: ballots must be received in DPO office by June 12th at 5pm)
  • Ballots Cast Online (online vendor and process reviewed by DNC Tech Team for security. This process was approved in the original DSP for CD 2)

June 13th

Ballot Tabulation Begins

Ballots will be tabulated by DPO Staff and Designated Volunteers. Any presidential candidate who is awarded delegates will be invited to have ballot observers present when ballots are being counted.

Delegates will be elected in the following order (Delegates elected in an early round will be removed from consideration  in later rounds):

  1. District Level Delegate
  2. PLEO Delegate
  3. At-Large Delegate
  4. At-Large Alternate (Alternates are selected from the runners-up on the At-large Delegate Ballot, If a candidate receives no At-Large Delegates but is otherwise entitled to an Alternate, a separate ballot will be sent out for At-Large Alternate).

Any Presidential Campaign who has been allocated Delegates at the PLEO or At-Large Level will be given the opportunity to perform a final “Right of Review” to strike candidates prior to tabulation of those ballots. Right of Review may be conducted in person or via phone/email at the Presidential Campaign’s discretion. 

Results will be emailed and posted on the Democratic Party of Oregon website as soon as ballot tabulation is completed and verified.

June 20th, 10am

Delegation Meeting, by phone

Each Delegation Member will receive a unique call-in number to access the Delegation Meeting.

The Delegation Meeting will be Chaired by the Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon.

Campaigns who are allocated Standing Committee Members will be asked to provide nominees for Standing Committee Members by June 19th so their names can be included on an electronic ballot.

Any Delegation member who would like to nominate someone to serve as Delegation Chair will be asked to declare their nomination by June 19th so their name can be included on an electronic ballot.

Candidates for Delegation Chair or their representatives  will be given the opportunity to deliver a speech at the Delegation Meeting of no more than 2 minutes.

Any position where only one candidate is nominated may be elected by affirmation during the telephone meeting.

For any race with more than one candidate, Electronic ballots will be sent out at the conclusion of the Delegation Meeting and will be due by 5pm PST on June 20th, 2020. Notification to the winner(s) and to the delegation will be made by email that night.