2020 Election

2020 Democratic National Convention

2020 DNC Convention Across America

The 2020 Democratic National Convention will be held from August 17-20, 2020. Events will be broadcast from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and convention Delegates will participate remotely.

Democrats are committed to protecting the health of our host community and all those involved with the convention. After consulting with public health officials, Democrats determined that the safest path forward during this unprecedented time is for delegates to conduct their official business remotely.

Convention planners will continue to follow the guidance of leading public health officials. We will update this page as we receive additional information about the 2020 Convention.

Balloting to elect Oregon’s Delegates to the Democratic National Convention is now completed. Click here to view the Delegate Election results.

Here is the apportionment of Oregon’s Delegates to the Democratic National Convention:

Joe Biden Bernie Sanders Total
Congressional District 1 7 2* 9
Congressional District 2 5* 1* 6
Congressional District 3 8 4* 12
Congressional District 4 5* 2 7
Congressional District 5 6 1 7
PLEO 5 2 7
At-Large 10 3 13
Total 46 15 61
Alternates 4 1 5

Delegates were apportioned based on the best primary results as available on May 22nd, 2020, including precinct-level results for counties that are split between multiple Congressional Districts.

*An asterisk indicates that the first delegate elected in this category must be female, in all categories delegates are slated alternating by gender, allowing nonbinary delegates to be slated should their vote require it.

The Democratic Party of Oregon amended our Delegate Selection Process due to COVID-19. While the circumstances are incredibly challenging, we’re excited that this new process will allow more Oregonians than ever to participate in choosing Oregon’s Delegates to the National Convention.

The outline of the new Delegate Selection Process is here.

You can read an FAQ of the COVID-19 Delegate Elections Changes here.