Section III

Internal Organization


In the 2017-2018 cycle, the DPO worked specifically to increase diversity and inclusion in our party structure. In addition to hiring a Constituency Organizing Coordinator to help build our caucuses and engage in outreach with the community, the DPO Administration Committee worked to pass extensive bylaw amendments regarding equity and representation in our party.

Regional Representation & Diversity

Since 2017, the SCC has seen increased activism and participation from smaller county parties and rural communities. Members of the DPO administration prioritized holding events in rural counties and chose to host half of the SCC meetings in rural counties. Four of these counties had not hosted an SCC meeting in more than a decade. In doing this, the DPO helped increase interest and involvement in rural counties while also helping host counties in their fundraising efforts.

Voter File Policy

Managing Voter File access is one of the most important and valuable functions of the DPO. Responding to concerns, the DPO Administration Committee looked at modifying our policy to improve access for Democratic candidates. The new proposed policy was the result of hundreds of hours of hard work. It was written to accommodate a diversity of views and was heavily influenced by feedback from the SCC, which was clear in wanting an updated policy on VAN access. The new policy was approved by the Administration Committee in early 2019 and will be in effect for the forthcoming election cycle, with trainings planned for new county leadership.

Staff Support

The DPO staff provides extensive support for DPO standing committees and caucuses, including acting as scribe, helping committees to prepare meeting materials, and staffing phone conference meetings. From 2017-present DPO staff have supported more than 150 hours of Conference Calls for DPO Standing and Special Committees.

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