Laura Calvo

Laura Calvo served as the co-chair of the Southern Oregon LGBT Political Caucus and as a field organizer for the ‘No on 36’ and Howard Dean campaigns before moving to Portland, Oregon. Over the years, Laura continued to work closely with Basic Rights Oregon in helping to pass Oregon’s Equality Act and Family Fairness Act.

Twice elected as the treasurer of the DPO GLBT Caucus, she has also served as the interim President of the DPO GLBT Caucus. Laura has served in a number of positions within the party on a local, state and national level. On a county and local level, Laura was twice elected as the treasurer of the Multnomah County Democrats and served as the secretary of the 3rd Congressional District Committee.

Print and electronic media has frequently recognized Laura for her leadership and community work. Just Out newspaper named her as one of the top 25 GLBT community leaders of the past quarter century. Pride NW honored Laura with the 2008 Spirit of Pride Award.

On a state level, Laura has served as the chair of the DPO Credentials Committee, secretary of the 2008 DPO Platform Convention, and served as an Oregon Delegate to the 2008 DNCC in Denver. Laura has also served as part of the leadership of the Oregon Hillary Clinton LGBT Steering Committee and the Jeff Merkley GLBT Steering Committee.

Laura has traveled extensively around the state helping to organize local chapters of the DPO GLBT Caucus, community outreach, helping to raise campaign money at house parties for a variety of candidates, as well as promoting Democratic Party values around the state.

On a national stage, Laura has served as a regional director on the board of National Stonewall Democrats. She served on the Hillary Clinton National LGBT Steering Committee and then went directly to work as a member of the Obama National Policy and Finance Committee once Senator Obama won the nomination.

Laura continues to work with the GLBT community in other states around the country helping and serving as an organizing resource person. She has been a frequent panelist and guest speaker on human rights, diversity, and GLBT issues locally and nationally. Laura has two sons, one of whom is serving in the Oregon National Guard. She lives in Portland, Oregon, where she shares her home with her best friend and constant companion Deputy Dog, a 13-year-old border collie. As an avid tournament poker player, Laura has won a couple of tournaments.

Party Office Holder

Democratic National Committee Member, Democratic Party of Oregon

Chair, Budget Committee