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Women's Caucus

The mission of the Women’s Caucus of the Democratic Party of Oregon is to build and sustain inclusive relationships and networks with Democratic women in support of their participation in the political process, creation of a women’s political power base, development of public policy affecting women, and the election of qualified women candidates. The Women’s Caucus will endeavor to educate and train women in all areas of political participation, from the importance of voting to running for office. We will promote full and equal participation of women in government and strongly encourage women to seek public office. See the Women’s Caucus website at http://women.dpo.org

Rachel Gowland, Chair [email protected].

DPO Women’s Caucus Officers

Chair: Rachel Gowland
Vice Chair: Stephanie Schlitzkus
Treasurer: Carina Perez Europa
Secretary: Amelia Manlove
State Central Committee Delegate: Bridget Brooks ​
State Central Committee Alternate: Helen Kennedy


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