Ballot Measure Endorsements 2014

Ballot measure endorsements are voted on by a body consisting of State Central Committee delegates, alternates, and associates. The Party takes an official position on a ballot measure that receives at least two-thirds votes for Support or Oppose.

Vote NO on 90, YES on the REST!

Ballot Measure 86 - VOTE YES (Education Investment Bonding)

Ballot Measure 86 (Education Investment Bonding)


Creates a permanent investment fund to finance student assistance needs for Oregonians pursuing post-secondary education.
This smart investment in Oregon’s students will help maintain the skilled workforce we need to grow our economy and ease the financial burden our college students are facing. Treasurer Wheeler has shown impressive leadership crafting and promoting Measure 86, and we’re proud to endorse it. Vote Yes on 86.

Ballot Measure 87 - VOTE YES (Allow state judges to work at colleges and in National Guard)

Ballot Measure 87 (Allow state judges to work at colleges and in National Guard)


Amends the state constitution to allow state judges to serve in the National Guard and teach at state universities.

This simple, uncontroversial bill should attract broad support from Oregonians of all stripes. Oregon’s state judges should have the same opportunities to serve in uniform and in the classroom as any other citizen. Vote Yes on 87.

Ballot Measure 88 - VOTE YES (Driver cards for all Oregon residents)

Ballot Measure 88 (Driver cards for all Oregon residents)


Allows the DMV to issue “driver cards” to Oregon residents who pass written and driver tests, and can provide proof of Oregon residence for more than one year.

Measure 88 will make our roads safer for everyone. Oregon Democrats join business leaders, community leaders, and working Oregonians in supporting this common-sense measure. Vote Yes on 88.

Ballot Measure 89 - VOTE YES (Equal Rights Amendment)

Ballot Measure 89 (Equal Rights Amendment)


Amends the state constitution to ban discrimination based on sex.

We can’t take women’s equality for granted—it needs to be law. We can make that happen this year by giving women full equality in the Oregon Constitution. Vote Yes on 89.

Ballot Measure 90 - VOTE NO (Top-Two Primary)

Ballot Measure 90 (Top-Two Primary)


Ends the current system which allows political parties to pick their nominees for the general election by a popular public vote of its members in a primary election. Replaces with a "top-two primary" system that allows a voter of any party to vote for one candidate of any party and only the top two vote getters advance to the general election, even if they are in the same party. 
Oregon voters already rejected this bad idea in 2008 by 66%-34%. Measure 90 is complex, confusing, ripe for all sorts of mischief, and could double the cost of elections. Democrats shouldn’t have to compete for the votes of Republicans to win our Party’s nomination. It doesn’t work in California or Washington now, and it won’t work here. Vote No on 90.

Ballot Measure 91 - VOTE YES (Marijuana Legalization)

Ballot Measure 91 (Marijuana Legalization)


Allows possession, manufacture, and sale of marijuana to adults 21 and over, subject to state licensing, regulation, and taxation. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission would regulate all sales.
A majority of Americans and large majority of Democrats now support state regulation of legal marijuana use. Measure 91 is the right approach to legalization in Oregon, strictly regulating use while funding law enforcement and schools. Vote Yes on 91.

Ballot Measure 92 - VOTE YES (Genetically Engineered Food Labeling)

Ballot Measure 92 (Genetically Engineered Food Labeling)


Requires food manufacturers and retailers to label genetically engineered foods.
We need a precautionary approach to genetically engineered foods that includes full disclosure to consumers through labeling. Measure 92 would provide that disclosure and protect the interests of Oregon farmers. Vote Yes on 92.